Welcome to the site of North Park Tennis Club juniors. Here you can find out about playing in junior competition, how to join a team and/or how to arrange coaching for juniors.

Junior Competition


All players must have current membership with North Park or Princes Hill tennis clubs for insurance purposes when playing at home or away. Being a member of North Park gives you access to free court online bookings for the whole year, with or without the use of lights. There is no additional cost to play in a team and the club covers the costs for NSJTA team registrations, balls and end-of- season functions and awards.


North Park generally has four junior teams. For Season 2, we have two A-teams, one C and one D, and they play in the Northern Suburbs Junior Tennis Association competition circuit. Players and parents wanting to keep up to date with the latest news from the NSJTA are also encouraged to join the NSJTA Facebook group or join their Team App.

Currently one A-team is a combined team with Princes Hill Tennis Club. This A-team plays on Friday nights (7:00 pm onwards) and all other teams play on Saturdays (7:45 or 9:30 am onwards), including the second A-team.

The D-team plays double matches only whereas all other teams play singles and doubles.

Teams can be made up of: all girls, all boys, mixed (equal number of girls and boys) or unisex (gender numbers do not have to be equal).

Our current teams and captains for Season 2, 2017 are:

  • A-Reserve 4 MIXED (10 players) Team manager: Lynda Young
  • A-Reserve 5 BOYS (5 players) Team manager: Robert Setina
  • C-Grade 5 UNISEX (6 players) Team manager: Paul Thitchener
  • D-Special 5 BOYS (8 players) Team manager: Swapan Majumder


There are two seasons of 16-weeks each year (14 matches + two finals). Matches are played 50% at home and 50% away. No matches are played on public or government school holidays.

  • Season 1 is February- June (Registration/Renewal closes late December)
  • Season 2 is July – December (Registration/Renewal closes late May)

Team Support

The success of junior teams and belonging to a club relies heavily on parents and committee volunteers. NPTC recognises that for many juniors and parents, playing and volunteering respectively, in a competition sport of which they know little is daunting. To support our teams, a ‘tennis competition 101’ will be provided to show parents and players the fundamentals of playing, scoring and umpiring matches. This will be held at the end of a season in preparation for a new season. A ‘buddy’ system for umpiring will also be arranged for brand new D-grade parents if necessary or requested. It’s important to note that, as D-grade players progress in their team levels, they are expected to self-umpire. This means an adult presence with minimal supervision is all that is required. An induction pack, including a T-shirt with NPTC logo, will also be provided for new player registrations.

How to join a team

  • Existing Players: each season you must formally register or renew to play in a team.
  • New Players: if you’re interested in joining a team to play competition, you need to fill in an expression of interest form so that the junior delegate can allocate you accordingly.

Before you complete the registration, renewal or expression of interest form, make sure you understand what belonging to a North Park team entails by reading the Junior Competition Roles and Responsibilities policy. Please consider carefully your commitment to joining a team, as you will have to confirm agreement to the Junior Competition Roles and Responsibilities policy on the registration form.

Existing players complete this form when registering formally for the first time.
Existing players complete this form if in the formal registration was completed last season. (Not available this year. Please use the registration link above.)
New players to the club wishing to join a team for next season. (Not available this year)

PAPER FORMS are also available and can be downloaded here:

  1. Registration paper form
  2. Renewal paper form (Not available this year. Please download the Registration paper form above.)
  3. Expression of interest paper form (Not available this year)

These can be scanned and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., given to the team captain or posted to: PO Box 2127, North Melbourne, 3051.

For any further questions, contact the junior delegate Kathleen Nolan by email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone: 0401 521 338


Various coaching options are provided on out coaching page. Please contact our head coach Gabriel Moise [0418 178 328] to discuss your coaching needs and to arrange suitable times.